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Well the SA-250 has been settling in for a few weeks now, and I wanted to send you a big thanks for taking on this mission. The Signature upgrade has more than surpassed my expectations.

The 250 has always been a great amp in my book. I have lived with mine since the late 90’s, and with this upgrade I am projecting that it will remain my reference for many years to come. The upgrade truly provides a new lease on life for this amp, and can’t be matched for the total investment. 

Midrange and bass have always been the strong suit with the 250. But the top end was a bit rolled off not only in measurements but in actual listening (what really matters), which in hindsight was a good thing seeing that early digital suffered from increased jitter and let’s just say it was at times rather harsh. The upgrade has not only provided for a wider and deeper sound stage , but also accounts for an increase in air / space around the instruments. This has truly created a much deeper 3D image. It also became clear that this upgrade (as any good one will ) has pointed out a clear weakness in my speaker cabling, and after a change there, the whole system really started to bloom. The major differences come in class A, less so than in AB, but apparent there also. One of my concerns going into the upgrade was a worry that the bass or midrange would somehow be compromised or caught in a tradeoff. This concern has now been proven to be unfounded, as I still have all the qualities in the old amp, with just the newness added, clearly a sign of a very well thought out modification. Guess that comes in part by having the original designer involved in the mod.

I guess one of the best nods is that while sitting in the room working on a laptop (engrossed in work) I would suddenly hear a “perfect” sound, maybe a voice or a drum hit, the articulation of the pitch and naturalness of the sound would stop me dead in my tracks… Simply great…

So are you going to take this upgrade to the masses? Can I talk about it?


Best regards,

Dave W. 



Hi Ralph,
I just wanted to tell you that I am so excited about the upgrades and repairs that you did on my 9200. It feels better then a new baby, the presence in the music and dynamics are now in a different level. There is so much more to say but just letting you know that this grown man has a smile from cheek to cheek. Thanks again Vince for the great work on my Plinius 9200


Chuck G. 


CD LAD preamp

Ralph, first I want to say you have been great through the multiple issues I had with my system. I was finally able to listen to the CD-LAD yesterday. Out the gate Wow. It was late so I waited until this morning to do some critical listening. I wasn't let down. It is definitely more open. I didn't know how much I was restricting the B&W 802's. The imaging and articulation is on a whole another level. This was a wonderful upgrade and have not even done the Plinius power amp upgrade yet. I am going to do that next. I would highly recommend this upgrade for anyone looking for a significant lift to the system. I am going pull out some of my old favorite cd's later today just to hear the differences.
Again, thanks
Bill J. 


Hey Ralph, 

Thank you for the great work on my amp. To be honest, I thought I’d maybe have to convince myself there was a noticeable difference when I received it back… no convincing, it’s obvious!! I’d be happy to write more later, but the thing I noticed right away is the precision of the sound… it’s like getting a new glasses prescription and things are in better focus. Better separation of instruments/sounds. Lower listening volumes are much more enjoyable now. Good stuff!  

Thanks for your time,