For feedback purposes. Actually have never written a review or provided feedback like this- so hope it is of value- the amp is sounding unbelievable!


Bob M - Plinius SA102 upgrade

After receiving the upgraded unit back and spending several hours breaking the unit in, I was amazed at the transformation. Improvements in imaging, resolution, and dynamic impact were off the charts. I felt like I was listening to a new megabuck class A amp instead of an upgraded 18 year old amp. I was astounded at the 3 D soundstage and realism that I was hearing. Voices took on a new life and the clarity of instruments and background sounds I had never noticed before, at times startled me.

Looking forward to many more years of enjoyment and highly  recommend the upgrade path Ralph provided as a worthwhile pursuit for all Plinius owners- a fantastic value and true professionalism throughout the process.