Hi Ralph, 

I have gotten a few days of listening in on your Ultimate upgrade of my M-16. The pre-amp had been part of my system for years (decades). Over time it had gradually lost it’s luster until I pulled it out of my system a couple of years ago and started searching for a replacement. Everything I swapped in disappointed me in some regard. The realism, clarity and depth I remembered from the M-16’s youth was not re-created in the components I tried.


After some serious listening to your upgrades, I am astounded. My M-16 is back and better than I remember, your work on the phono section has been a delight. I have been mowing through my vinyl collection again for the first time in a long time. The vocal realism of the phono section is astounding. On all sources the soundstage has opened back up and instruments are clearly positioned where they should be. Guitars, percussion, horns are individually breathtaking. I am excited to rediscover my music collection again!


I could have saved a bunch of waisted time and money had I discovered your upgrade earlier.


Thanks Ralph for the amazing work!