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Company Principles
  • Honesty & Trust
  • Dedicated Work Ethic
  • Experienced electronic technician
  • Digital audio design experience
Responsibility in Action
Why Plinius Audio Repair and Sales

Established in 2000, Plinius Repair is an independently owned electronics repair facility with many years of electronic repair and a background in not only Plinius Audio products repair but in helping customers design audiophile home systems with Plinius Audio Products.  Many Plinius product owners have enjoyed Plinius for many years but over time have found their units don't sound as good as when first purchased or have developed a failure. We can help fix any problem that has developed or we can perform circuit upgrades that outperform when the unit was new. 


Committed to being professional, we work in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible manner. It is our duty to balance the needs of our client with the needs of our communities and future generations.

Having served as stewards and strategic advisors on hundreds of projects, our consulting firm and repair facility has a significant amount of experience. From low cost repair solutions to audiophile designed digital solutions, we can provide the expertise you are looking for.