Hi Ralph, 

I'm less three hours into listening to my SA100 Mk3 and am completely blown away, far away to a distant land. The words that came immediately as I sat there into the first disc (Alex de Grassi Southern Exposure, 1983, Windham Hill Records, solo guitar 6 & 12 string):

More musical information; more harmonics and so much more decay between the strokes of his guitar; bigger image wider too; Dynaudio C1 disappear completely even moreso; clear highs like not before; Tobi shouted from the other room: "it's brighter!" ; the mid bass is vivid and like not before; the image is taller yet his instrument stroking is center.

Then another (DID) Desert Island Disc: Buena Vista Social Club WOW this was Tobi's request after listening to Strunz and Farah's Americas; the voices of the Cubans so vivid, the Spanish so clear and the percussion instruments leap forward or backward depending... this is music with very complex parts which weave together. If you have that disc or files, listen to track 3: "El Cuarto de Tula" with Licea, Ferrar, and Ochoa with their BIG voices over Ry Cooder's guitar (about a woman named Tula whose house goes on fire but there's double entendre of her being one fiery lady). The music JUMPS in front and behind the speakers and in the center (near field set up)...so clear like they're on stage in front of us. Cant stop swinging to that percussion and rhythm.  THEN another DID I have had since the vinyl came out and signed by Kenny Burrell called Guitar Forms with Gil Evans Orchestra. I have a German first cd pressing and I have just not heard the total amount of information from the drummer (Elvin Jones) and the spaces BETWEEN his strokes; the bassoon player is right there, very low and mean. You have to get that one Ralph if you don't already have it! The next few hours will be consumed with Modern Jazz Quartet in Europe (1961) Japanese pressing in 20 bit Atlantic version I got when in the Paris Louvre at Virgin Records. That disc is definitely in the top three of my DID list. The others are Bill Evans fighting for position: We Will Meet Again and Loose Blues but there's also Explorations and Portrait (both available in 24 bit). So this afternoon is rediscovering music! Yeah!  Sure I'm going to distill this kvelling ( Yiddish for joyous celebration) greatly and figure out how to make it an endorsement for your work on your site. Now how the hell, with my Oppo, Gary Morrison's voodoo M16, and your new Mk3 amp can I even get more juice out of this system spending $600 for 4 damn rail fuses??? And I can hear you now saying Alex you won't believe the difference with the SR Blues installed. Well, I'd better get back to the music room. Thanks Ralph. Call you before the weekend's over.  You're definitely a Magician you Piscean Wabbit!