Trusted Repairs and Exceptional upgrades


Trusted Repairs


As an independent, Plinius Audio Repair facility and Galbo Design and Consulting provide repairs for all model of Plinius Audio Electronics old and new. We also specialize in Audiophile Design consulting specializing in MSB Technology Digital DACs, Transports and Amplifiers


Exceptional Upgrades

If you own older Plinius Audio products and are interested in expanding the performance of an already exceptional audio piece, we specialize in circuit upgrades that will vastly improve the performance. Improved detail, space and instrument postion with greater bass resolution is some feedback we have received from our customers. 

Consulting Services

Galbo Design can provide consulting services for those who want to upgrade their digital equipment to one of the leaders in digital electronics, MSB Technology. 

  • Electronic Repairs
  • Circuit Upgrades
  • 17 years experience
  • Low cost bench fee refundable with repair
  • Sorry no over the phone repair advise

Providing trusted repairs and upgrades to consulting services, our goal is to help get you back to your listening room enjoying your audio investment. Call us at 949-357-3858 or email